Initial workgroup to domain switch questions.

Discussion in 'Windows Server Systems' started by Heeter, Jul 21, 2007.

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    Hey all,

    I am starting to tackle a fairly big project at an office. Right now, 15 workstations are loosely connected to each other by mapped drives, there a Dell SBS2003 in the network that holds the files in this office.

    Anyways, they would like to start strengthen the network by moving to a domain setup.

    I have setup new domains right out of the box, but never did one with existing workstations.

    I have created the domain and have created a couple of users to start with and attached a couple of new workstations to the domain. I haven't touched any of the existing workstations yet.

    My question is when I create a new user in SBS2003 for a person that has a workstation full of their stuff, how can I transfer her stuff (software, personal files settings) to the domain setup.

    Again, this is all in it's initial phase.


  2. Nismo83

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    i don't think it will affect anything on their files since by joining the domain from workgroup wouldn't have any affect on the files.

    hmm.. correct me if i'm wrong
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    You just need to set the local account type to roaming. Search google for coverting local accounts to roaming and how to migrate the data across to the new username.
  4. Heeter

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    Great, Awesome.

    Thanks will try that on Monday, LofLA