Infrared Remote Control For Computers

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by computerfreak76, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. im looking this type of device to use to control my mp3 and dvd players with a remote. does any of you use anything like this and if so how does it work for you and how much does it cost.

    ive looked around a bit and found a few sites that offer this but i want personal opinions.
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    I know that there is a product made by ATI -it is a video card that is called something like Radion 8500 DV it is supossed to have a remote control. Createive might have some thing simmliar for sound cards.
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    Yes, the ATI RF Remote. It sells as part of the 8500DV Card. Or you can buy it seperately for around US$50 or so. However, it's kinda hard to find from what I can tell.

    If you decide to get it (or anything else for that matter) get a program called uIce from
    It enables you to use the remote outside the limitations of the ATI program. It's shareware, but well worth the $20. Without it, there's not a whole lot of customisation you can do, but with it, every button is programmable.

    The remote is a Radio Freq type. The receiever is a little box with a wire hanging out of it, that (in my case) is on the floor behind my computer. From my testing, the remote works about a max of 15 - 20 feet away (even through walls). It's a bit large, and has a ton of buttons on it, but you can also control your mouse fairly easy with it if you want.

    Am I sounding like a saleman yet? :p

    Here's a review:

    With the exception of the price, it's really a nice remote.

    I use mine for WinAmp and WinDVD and it works flawlessly (with uIce).