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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by BoDEAN, Aug 27, 2002.

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    Is there a fix out there to this problem?
    Last night, I ran norton diskdoctor (from NU 2002) and it said I had to reboot to check the disk. I checked my C and D partition, and after it was done, it said Finished checking volumes...and just sat there.

    I hit the reset button, and it scanned the drives again, and came up with the same message. Then I tried to Repair console, with the chkdsk /p on all my volumes, exited, and it still did it.

    The only was I could get rid of this infinite loop and return to the OS is to choose "Last Know Good Configuration" option on the F8 bootup menu.

    What causes this, does anyone else have this issue?

  2. Vorpal

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    Don't know, but if I was you and saw that happen ->

    I'd restore a Ghost image and forget about it.

    All hail Norton Ghost

    "Why waste time troubleshooting when you can restore an image."
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    It's a known problem out there, not just an isolated incident. Maybe SP1 will fix it, who knows