Incredible Earth Images

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by OMightyManII, Feb 22, 2002.

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    I checked out the BBC article on the Earth images created by NASA, and I must say that they are amazing. The day image lets you see forests and deserts and it almost looks unreal. As for the night image, it looks much like the classic image of "The World at Night" ... and if possible looks more crisp and breathtaking.

    One question though- are there full-size images available for download? I scoured the article as well as the related sites but wasn't able to come up with anything, and I'd really like to have those shots on my desktop.

    If you haven't seen them yet, go, go now! :)

  2. zman

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    Yes its amazing what they can achieve , the quality is awesome for the distance they are taken from

    You might like this site :

    I check it out now and then
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  4. OMightyManII

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    Yeah, those are the ones that were talked about in the BBC article.... thanks for the links.... my desktop has never looked so good. :)
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    hehe I'll have to convert one to a decent resolution for 1024/768 desktop.

    Did you see the size of the highest quality?
    It's split into 2 pictures:

    TIFF (21600w x 21600h), 245.94 MB
    color (true), Western Hemisphere

    TIFF (21600w x 21600h), 410.41 MB
    color (true), Eastern Hemisphere

    That would make a nice CD, but I'm not sure my computer has the power/memory to view it :eek:
  6. freightgod

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    1024 * 768 desktop background - the globe

    I made a composite of a two global images from that site and present them for your enjoyment and use on your desktop (see attachment).
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    those are cool, has anyone seen the same pic, but at night with all the cities lit up - i am looking for that pic.. if you see it, lemmie know....
  8. OMightyManII

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  9. insaNity

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    give zman the credit, not me :)

    wow these are too cool

    and you have GOT to check out the .mpeg on this page
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    ooh! more piccys!

    see my 2nd link Waddy
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    insaNity, that .mpeg is insane! It's like from a movie when a spy satellite zooms in on it's target or something (a la MI2) .... very impressive and very cool! :)
  13. Electronic Punk

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Yup that movie is very cool , just had a quick look
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    absolutely amazing video footage, i can't believe the detail that the video camera is capable of achieving.
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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    I reckon it can zoom in more, have seen satellite images of newspapers from space, perhaps it looses resolution or they are all busy following MdSalih to prevent his world domination.
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    It's not a typical camera zoom. It's mostly done by radio imaging and artificially coloured, and all put together frame by frame (from what I gathered by quickly skimming through what it says on the page I linked to).

    But yeah, pretty amazing stuff.

    Yes, I've also heard they can read a newspaper face up on the ground....and that was DECADES ago!!! :eek:
    Scarey eh?
  17. insaNity

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    From now on, I'm staying indoors with the curtains drawn..and I have to get myself one of those lead suites. Maybe I can have it delivered...
  18. sic166mhz

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    DAMN, THOSE PICS ARE AWESOME!!!and the video rocks too!
  19. max

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    my PC wont open thos large ones over 30MB , is there a trick to it ?
  20. insaNity

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    I just realised they aren't available for download without requesting them. Save this 'largefile' as an htm and view it.