Increasing AGP Aperture Size

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by isoacid, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. isoacid

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    Is there any way to increase it without using bios, because my bios [awardbios] DOESNT have that feature in it. Is tehre any updates for that bios or any programs that I could use to increase the aperture size?? Thx
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    This might seem a daft question, but what is the aperture? And what's to be gained from increasing its size?

    Don't ask, don't learn.
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    are you sure your bios doesnt have an aperture setting or be very surprised, unless your mobo is too old that it doesnt support an agp port?

    certainly a bios upgrade is an answer...but go to the mobo website and get the details on the above first

    The AGP aperture is an area of system RAM reserved for use by the AGP card for storing textures if it needs to. Since most video cards these days are 32Mb + this setting is not as important as it used to be.

    It should be set to half your system RAM if possible, and if not it should be set at some point below or equal to the amount of RAM that you have.
  4. isoacid

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    wierd thing is i dont know who made my mobo, the manufacterer is blank, so is the model.

    This is what it says

    Version: N/A
    BIOS Vendor: Award Software, Inc.
    BIOS Version: ASUS - 42302e31
    BIOS Release Date: 18/12/01
    BIOS Properties: Plug and Play, Flash, AGP
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    oh yeah, i have a agp slot and my graphic card is a geforce 4 ti4200.
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    from what i understand changing the agp aperture size will allow more data to go into the agp adapter(video card). i have never tried to mess with my video card to much so i couldnt really help you on what to do about it.:)
  7. WAM

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    sounds like you have an asus motherboard...

    i think
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  9. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    rewirte bios w/ modbin program
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  11. isoacid

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    I cant flash my bios cuz when I use aflash from asus it just exits right out after it loads up.
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    thats cause you have to do it in dos. make a boot disk into dos and run it there
  13. Taurus

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    Sacramento, CA
    i've messed around with my agp aperature setting in the past and did benchmarks... in short, no setting made any noticeable difference with performance. period. i've read other people have the same experience so you might not want to waste your time. otherwise, have fun. }:>
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    Hmm well something is wrong with my computer. My geforce 4 will work fine, good fps while im looking at stuff that arent to graphical, but when I play like Counter-Strike itll work fine untill there are around 5 characters in my screen. The Fps will drop down to 40 untill I look another way where no one is at. Also my frames drop to 10 on 3dmarks 2001 SE monster truck game video on high detail.

    Sony Vaio Rx650
    Specs are:
    512 DDRam
    80gb HD [ dont think that would matter ]
  15. Zedric

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    Have you checked if the AGP slot is set to 1x or 2x instead of 4x?
  16. isoacid

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    Yeah its at 4x
  17. isoacid

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  18. Taurus

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    Sacramento, CA
    make sure you have the latest drivers, of course... video (, chipset (if applicable).

    also, make sure v-sync is off. if it's on and it can't keep up with the monitor's refresh rate (60, 85, 100, etc), then it will drop to half the refresh rate (30, 42, 50, etc).

    though you do have a geforce4 (mx 440, i'm assuming) and it should be more than enough to push 99 fps 100% of the time.
  19. Winter

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    Actually, before you try any of that you should go and change the max % of the hard drive your recycle been is using up(right-click your bin icon, ckick on properties and slide the little bar over)... 15% sounds like a safe number...
  20. G-Money

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    Look in between the pci slots... The mobo model should be there !!!