Incorrect Driver for IDE Master Controller

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Colinbar, Nov 24, 2003.

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    Sisoft benchmark for my Hard disk ( ATA100 7.2krpm 80gb NTFS) comes out at 12583, whereas a normal benchmark for this type of disk should be 29000. A 5.4krpm shold be 20000, so mine is very low.
    I am using the latest version of SISIDE, but I have noticed in my registry that its using a Via driver instead of a SIS driver. Entry is:
    DriverDesc VIA bus master IDE controller
    Infpath mshdc.inf
    InfSection viaide_inst
    Providername Microsoft

    Plus other entries.
    I have looked in the mshdc.inf file and I can see entries for sis drivers.
    Would this VIA driver cause the low benchmark rate and if so any ideas how I can rectify this SAFELY.

    PC Spec
    P4 2.53ghz
    MSI SIS648 mobo
    MSI FX5600 Graphics
    Win XP Home
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    the year 2525
    it depends if its the system disk, and the fragmentation level & free space. so no its normal for the average pc.
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    Just for grins I benchmarked my WD 120 gig, 7200 rpm, w/8 meg cache on Sandra Pro. It came in at 33,000. Above the 120 gig HD levels shown. I benchmarked my system disk partition.
    Most disks were showing scores of over 22000 in Sandra's comparison tables...

    I'd uninstall the IDE drivers and reinstall off the SIS CD. Note this could cause data loss so back up first.

    Other possibilities:
    -You have a really small built in cache on your HD.
    -Bios/HD is not running at UDMA and 100 speed.
    -Your PC CPU is too slow to support the bandwidth.
    -Your RAM is too slow SDRAM 100 vs DDR 266 or up.
    -DMA is not enabled in bios and windows.
    -Something is running in background tying up bandwidth (kill all processes before benchmarking).
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    I have Norton's NIS & NAV running plus I had Cacheman running. I stopped the Cacheman and I got a lot better reading of 24901.

    Other info:
    Running at UDMA 5
    DDR 512MB RAM
    DMA is enabled.

    So looks like I should forget about running Cacheman in future.
    Still a little worried about the VIA driver selected instead of the SIS driver for the primary IDE controller. SISIDE appears to be running fine as UDMA IDE controller.