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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Leevoy, Aug 13, 2003.

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    Re: IM Secure ''Free@@

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    what she said.
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    TMI TMI <=== haven't got the foggiest idea Baldrick.

    Must be a new netequete.

    Will be LQQKING it up !
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    TMI = Too much information, I bloody hate acronyms :D
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    Zone Labs IMsecure...

    Sounds like an interesting piece of software, anyone tried it yet? First impressions?

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    I finally installed the freeware version yesterday.
    I can't say whether it works well or not. I use it with Trillian, but haven't really chated since. In any case, it seems to be running fine, and hasn't bugged or crashed or anything.

    But I just thought I'd warn you about something.
    At some point during the setup routine there is an option, enabled by default, to send somekind of publicity for ZoneLabs to the adresses on your contact lists.
    I disabled it. But someone to whom I recommanded trying the software (because he had trouble with bugs he kept collecting on IRC), replied to me on a forum how IMsecure was just a piece of spyware, and how it had sent something like 20 messages to one of his friends in 1 hour...
    He also said AdAware "hadn't liked it". (I should run it to see if it does identify it with spyware.)

    I answered him that the option was clear and plain in the setup, and not burried in the contract agreement or anything. So maybe he should read before clicking those "ok" buttons.
    And I think that's still very different from, say, RealPlayer's tactics of enbling all sorts of communications without warning the end user. :mad:

    In any case, I thought I'd warn you all about that feature.

    I do wonder why ZoneLabs decided to get itself publicity this way. At least, I'd prefer if they didn't enable the feature by default.
    But I have a hard time thinking of them as spyware. -I've been using ZoneAlarm for 2 years, completely for free. And I can only thank them for that.
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    Just a little correction :

    I remembered incorrectly. The option is not in the setup routine, but in the app's options. In the "Overview" panel, the "Settings" tab : Notify my contacts that I am protected by IMsecure.
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    It's interesting how on the IMsecure page they tell you very little about IMsecure.

    And on the same page you get a listing of the added features if you upgrage to "Pro".
    Funny how they tell you that, "You don't need to know anything about security." (No.1)
    (what are they hiding?)

    And they even go as far as saying,

    Shields you from inappropriate content and wasted time."

    When it does it itself... Has anyone installed the "Pro" version? Does it have this "setting" also?
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    And the "Product Information" PDF says nothing about the "freware" version... it just goes on and on about the "Pro" version only. :confused:

    Ramanuman, could you post some screen shots of this "setting" and the window it is in?
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    I guess they must make very little money with ZoneAlarm, given the fact that you really only need the free version, since the paying one only adds a few superfluous features. So they prolly decided they wouldn't make the same mistake twice, and made the free IMsecure seem less attractive, while keeping basic functionality...

    Just my guess.
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    Gee, how useful... NO SPAM BLOCKING or INBOUND protection unless you upgrade. :mad: :p

    Well at least the "Notify my contacts that I am protected by IMsecure" is not really hiddin. It is in the "Overview/Settings" section and not in some obscure place.
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    Yep, it lasted about half a day for me, its pretty useless, even if you shell out the cash. The main point I'd use it for is encryption, and both users would have to buy a copy for it to work.
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    I did notice in the 'overview' settings where it says 'registration', I filled it in with my Name (Lee), Company (n/a as I am a school student/pupil) and e-mail address (lee blah blah
    I hit register, it says thank you etc...Checked the (to recieve updates stuff), but after a reboot it still aks for registration, even still with my details filled in, maybe it's an error.

    I didn't find any known spyware using ad-aware personal V6.181
    or latest version of spybot.

    So dunno really, seems o.k.
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    Same with me. I think maybe it won't register you in the freeware version.

    I don't think it's spyware. I just think it's pretty useless, as Chaos945 pointed out.