Im considering tradeing my pc for a laptop but cant decide.

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  1. Hypothetical question, I am usure if i want to proceed so dont laugh at me.

    I am sort on cash and I need a laptop for college, I have 2 desktops but would like to trade one for a laptop, I was thinking of selling one of my desktops in the paper to buy a laptop but I invested alot of time and money in them and would not get very much for them and laptops are expensive like $2,000. I checked out ebay and pricewatch but most of them that are selling for under $300 are damaged.

    Do you think anyone would actual trade a desktop for a laptop the system is two years old and I am the original owner.
    it does not include a monitor or anything else not mentioned.

    System stats:
    AMD Thunderbird 700mhz slotA
    (Cooler Master cpu fan with artic silver II)
    mobo: K7s2000
    40gb Maxtor Hd
    128mb ram pc133 (kingston double sided)
    AGP 8mb Card (S3 Savage)
    Wintv Card
    Iomagic dvd 12x
    Soundblaster16 Sound card pci version
    2 usb ports
    300 watt power supply.
    Cyclone blower inside case.
    Windows xp pro
    mid tower dell case (case is fugly, could use a mod. If your into that.).
    Misc Software installed such as: windows xp pro, Zone Alarm pro, Pc cillion 2000 antivirus, InterVideo WinDVD,powerdvd,RealOne Player, Nero, thumbsplus. I can compile a list if you like, I have alot of software applications and games installed since I used to use the machine as a internet fileserver.

    Laptop I need.
    must include at least:

    12' Tft Display (with no cracks or discoloration)
    32mb ram
    4 gig harddrive
    1 free pc
    1 Pcmcia slot free or a ethernet card.
    4x cdrom
    with floppy drive.
    I don't need a battery but must come with a power cord or ac adapter.

    Thank you for checking this out,
  2. zoey

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    we all know PCs lose their value the minute you open the parts boxes. Thats a given. You probably won't find someone to trade unless you can con some freshman that he needs a gaming rig instead of the lousy laptop! Or you could sell your rig for pennies on the dollar, and buy the laptop. For school you don't need a 2000dollar machine. cel 900, 10 gig for $1100.
  3. Bootsy

    Bootsy Huh?

    Miami, Fl
    I got a laptop from on an auction.

    Sony Vaio PCG-FXA36

    athlon 1gigz
    256 pc 133 memory
    20 gig hd
    15" display
    8 mg vid card (no 3d acceleration)

    i got it for a bit over $1150
    it was refurbished but works great.
    What do you need a laptop for college for? just use a pen its cheaper
  4. Bootsy,

    Well I would sale my rig in the paper but trust me where I live no would take 900 for an ad in the paper for a machine 2 years old. I seen ads for rigs selling for 100-300 in the paper.

    I would put it up for auction on a site but I can't create a sellers account most require a u.s bank account a credit card. f4<$(# If some one could set up an sellers account for me I would sell my auction my rig.

    Why do I need a laptop for college you ask, when I can use a pen? Are you nuts?
    Well I am going to take the following classes: Criminal Pychology, Computer Sciencies,linguistics,forensics, Toxicology,and Biochemistry.

    To top that off I am currently doing Satalite Mapping part time for the government and doing a few websites for my church. A laptop would be used for more than just school.

    Please excuse my grammer.

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    to b honest u'll b lucky 2 get alot 4 ur computer let alone a half decent laptop:( but u may b able get sum dumb ass with no real experience 2 buy it off u 4 a bit.
  6. Bootsy

    Bootsy Huh?

    Miami, Fl
    I am graduating this december with a double major, psychology and comp sci and I never take my laptop to class. I just take notes and then transfer them to my hard drive when I get home. Of course I can write faster than I can type.
  7. i found a solution

    Guess what I explained my situation to my boss at work and she gave me her laptop for one of my desktops. She was so nice I gave her my geforce4 video card I was going to upgrade one of my other desktops with.

    The only draw back is it had windows 95 installed and some old company record on it, but thats ok I have an extra copy of windows98 or linux to install on it, since its not fast enuff to install windows xp on it.

    Herese the lappys stats:
    IBM Thinkpad 390E
    PII 300 cpu
    32MB ram
    3GB hd
    56K fax modem
    13.3" Active Matrix XGA Color LCD
    24X cdrom Integrated
    1.44 MB Integrated
    Power AC Adapter/Charger
    It even came with a docking station.
  8. Bootsy

    Bootsy Huh?

    Miami, Fl
    right on man good for you =]
  9. [CpK]Bastid

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    think it woulda been a fairer trade if it was the laptop for the ge4:)