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    Hey All

    I am having a problem... after I installed The Sims House Party and the rest of the add-on following that release I get an IKERNEL error after each installation. I figured ok maybe it's just picky and didn't like The Sims ... well it seems to spread .. after *some* installs ... it give me the IKERNEL error attached to this post ... and sometimes it doesn't ...

    Has anyone had this problem, is there a reason why it's doing this that I don't see?


    - Quezacotl -
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    I've been searching and found a soloution that works for me

    This was all taken from Installshields website ... I cleared out the temp files manually and updated the Installshield Engine

    Delete all files in your temporary folder. On most systems this is either in "c:\windows\temp", "c:\winnt\temp", or "c:\temp". On Windows 2000/XP, the temporary folders can also be found in your personal folder. If you username is "Test User", then your personal temp folder is in "C:\Documents and Settings\pcarroll\Local Settings\Temp".

    Reboot Your Computer.

    Make sure you are logged in as Administrator of your computer if you are running Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.

    Temporarily turn off Virus Protection on your computer, as a last resort.

    Try running the installer on another computer. There may be some corrupted DLLs on your system.

    Try installing the latest InstallShield Engine direct from InstallShield. Download Link Below
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    wow i had that exact same Ikernal problemo