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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Eggnima, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. Eggnima

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    Guys. I need some help with IIS v5.1 that I've got installed on my WinXP Pro box. I'm trying to host a small bunch of web pages from my PC but somehow, I can't seem to allow other people to access those pages that I'm trying to host. I've got an ADSL line and assuming that I do take the trouble to inform the people trying to access my web server of my current IP address, how do I go about configuring IIS? Thanks.
  2. lieb39

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    Hmm make sure that the service is on, and that if you you have a router, that port 80 is forwarded to your pc. other than that, not sure, I only use IIS6 in 2003.

  3. Eggnima

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    IIS Admin is automatically started and there are no routers.

  4. j79zlr

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    Your ISP might be blocking port 80, and/or do you have your firewall configured to open port 80?
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    DSL/Cable Webserver

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