if your windows mobile won't sync

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    sometimes when you install or hard reset your new device the drivers don't completely install, there are two fixes

    the easiest method, try this first is through device manager

    with the unit connected paste "devmgmt.msc" into run, that's gonna launch the Device Manager window

    find "Network adapters" and open it up, then find "Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter", right click and uninstall

    then disconnect and reconnect your device and the drivers should completely install and you should be able to sync your data

    this next method I think is last resort because I don't know if your old data is gonna remain after you reinstall windows mobile center

    anyone, do this if the other method doesn't work, go into "remove windows programs" and uninstall windows mobile device center, then attach your device and let windows update reinstall the program, it's better to do it through windows update then manually but you can try either way for expedience
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