iExplorer windows keep popin up....?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by oO ShifterZ Oo, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. on my system idle or when im using the computer w/o using internet explorer dozens of pop ups occur. i dunno why, even thou im not browing the internet it just pop ups. does ne know know how to fix this and wat the problem is.

    sometimes when i ctrl+alt+del i see two iexplorer.exe.... ne suggestions.?
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    Also check to make sure that programs like Spyblast haven't installed themselves on your computer. They sit in your system tray and creat popups.
  4. there is nothin in my system tray. i dunno wat it is. virus? but i scan my hdd n it came out to be nothin
  5. im sry its not iexplorer.exe its iexplore.exe and i updated my virus definations (10/17/03) and i did a virus scan and it did not decect ne viruses. so then i did a search for the file "W32.HLLW.Cult.C@mm" that NetRyder was tellin me about, but i was tryin to find the file to erase it, but have not been found in the windows search and it still popin up windows n such. i talked to my local friend near where i live (rancho cucamonga) w/ and he said he also has the same problem of windows keep popin up.
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  7. already have dat software installed in my system, and no spyware in my system/
  8. to me it more describive the windows poping up are non windows. i mean there isnt the iE file, edit, etc / adress bar etc, it s just a small box takin up the upper left hand side of my screen. the only way to close it to right click it from the start menu bar. its like a chromeless window but w/o the window. its jsut a plain web site titled "Top Web!" dat keeps poping up.