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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Henhawk, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. Henhawk

    Henhawk Guest

    In IE6, I have my default mail set to Outlook. I think after I downloaded the IE6 cumulative patch,something happened.
    When I click on send link by email or send page by email, my
    web hotmail site opens up. It used to open Outlook up,which I prefer> How do I set this back to Outlook eg where in the
    registry did this change. I've tried reinstalling IE6,Outlook,
    MSN messanger,Windows XP. Nothing changed in relationship
    to this problem. Any ideas?
  2. Terrahertz

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    New York
    Im not sure if your using Outlook or express but try tools, options, other and there is a general setting there to make Outlook your default email...
  3. Static 99

    Static 99 Guest

    Just a shot in the dark, did you check your "internet-accounts" maybe Hotmail is selected as your standard mail-account.
  4. Henhawk

    Henhawk Guest

    Outlook is set as my default e-mail in Outlook and in IE6. I have tried changing the default in IE6 to Outlook Express , for example,
    and it still goes to Hotmail. Maybe some one knows in the registry how to change this.