IE6 and My Favorites folder

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rjack22, Feb 11, 2002.

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    Up until recenty all of my saved web sites in My Favorites appeared in alphabetical order. This included the links in the My Links folder.

    But the last three sites that I added appeared at the bottom of the listing. No problem I thought. I will simply manually move them to where I want them. I did this. But when I closed the My Favorites and then reopened it. Those three files were back at the bottom of the list again.

    So my question do I get these in alphabetical order again and/or how do I make them stay where I have manually moved them?
  2. rjack22

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    arranging sites in My Favorites

    I found that when I moved all my web links from the Links folder (in My Favorites) and put them in a new folder, they not only appeared in alphabetical order, but I could also move them and they stayed where I put them! Go figure.
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    If you right click in the folder and choose sort by name they are put in order