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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cgtran, Mar 10, 2002.

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    Hi there guys, I just ran into a problem that really bugs me. You know, when you first run ie they usually have pop-ups where it usually asks if you want to be warned about this later on or not, or/and also if you want to remember this setting too or not.
    Well, that's my problem. There was a pop-up when I was trying to download an audio files, like an mp3 file, and it askes me if I would like to use the ie to play the files or download it to a specific folder. So anyway, I clicked on the checkbox where it say REMEMBER this setting, and I also, afterward, accidently said yes on letting ie play my audio files that I would like to download from the web. So everytime I click on an downloadable multimedia file, it will automatically download it to its Temporary Folder. Anyhow, here's my question, I am using Win xp pro, so how can I reverse this "Remember Me" setting?
    thanks in advance
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    So does anybody here knows where I can find the solution for this problem. It's the check box were it said, "Don't display this message again" or something like so.
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    well a simple solution would be just to right click on the link ans select save as.
    otherwise go to the folder options (in windows explorer, tools -> folder options) click on files types find your one and if its associated with IE then change the program associated with it,

    could also try searching for your .mp3 extension in the registry so if it comes up with anyting

    also just found this