IE: I want pop-ups back!!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dubstar, Feb 28, 2003.

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    for a long time I havent been getting pop-ups clearly. when i use MyIE2 (just a skinable - tab style - popup killer brower) the pop-ups dont pop up, they are killed.. but sometimes IE opens it self up a little window which NEVER loads! If i want it to load, i just press "Refresh" on it, and it loads. BUt when I do a 'Windows Update' it all goes downhill. It doesnt work, at all! No downloading, no pop-up, nothing.

    I end up having to use a ftp program, and download the files from a different part of the microsoft website, install manually, and so forth.

    How can I fix the problem with Windows Udate.. I already tried Microsoft tech, but they just tell me to uninstall - reinstall, which I have.
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    if MyIE2 has a way for you to put in what sites not to block add windowsupdate to it... if not, switch to either AvantBrowser (best I've seen so far, but damn, it takes too much resource, they're fixing it as we speak tho) or Crazy Browser.