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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Gsent, Jan 26, 2002.

  1. Gsent

    Gsent Guest

    Back in the day long ago, I signed up with Erols ISP. They somehow altered the registry settings for IE so that it grey's out my Home Page option (If a webpage offers the ability to make it the default start page, that will change it, but I can not type in the box to change it myself).

    I'm sure this is just a matter of a tweak in my reg key. For every update to IE and windows, this got carried foward.

    Does anyone know where in the registry I would go to unlock the Home Page option?

  2. max

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    Ive looked but cant seem to find it to help you

    I thought someone here may have known :(
  3. Kr0m

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    Turtle Island
    Hmm, weird, did this version of IE come with you're sign up with youre isp?
  4. Gsent

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    Yes, that IE came on the install disk for my Erols ISP software.

    I'm not sure if it wrote over the version I had, or just tweaked it...but either way, it's lasted through an uninstall of the Erols software and multiple IE upgrades.