IE Full Window Question, Please Help!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by FJC, Jun 9, 2002.

  1. FJC

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    How do you make it a default for IE to open up in a full window in XP?

    It always opens up in a half window...

  2. Iceman

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  3. FJC

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    I already did that but it still is too small. I need it maximized so I can close all windows at once without having to line up the mouse pointer on the X on each window...
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    If you have xp set to group windows together (down by the start menu) All you do is right click\close group. Quicker than closing one at a time. By the way how many IE windows have you got open?
  5. FJC

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    Just when I finish up...

    I don't like grouping.

    Does anyone know?:confused:
  6. tyk82002

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    Try stretching it manually. Move it to the upper left hand corner, then click and drag the lower right-hand corner of your window to expand it to full size.Then close it and re-open it. It should open full size from then on.
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    Maximize yer window. Now close it by clicking File>Close . Next IE Window you open will be maximized. You're welcome.

    To close multiple windows simultaneously without using grouping, left click on the thingies in the taskbar while holding down the CTRL key. This creates a group; now you can right-click>close group.
  9. FJC

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    That works but what about when clicking on a hyperlink from an outlook menu... it still opens up half view...