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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by lankester, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. lankester

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    HArdware :

    1 pc running xp with pci adsl modem. realtek network card with cable to hub port 1. Cable from hub port 2 to wall mounted panel,cat 5 down to office to another panel,cablt to pc 2 running Me.

    network is working fine

    Problem : i am unable to browse the net from pc 2(me) even though i have a icon in the task bar saying internet gateway connected, when i say browse i am able to view 2web sites currentley NME and ebay if i pt in any other web address i just get back error unable to find page.

    any ideas, hints/tips


  2. Zedric

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    This could be an MTU problem. Try lowering the MTU on the XP machine (I think). Instructions can be found if you search the forum I believe.
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    Mate just tried altering mtu following distructions and guess wot still does not work?? Thanks anyway
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    You running any software firewalls on either of the computers (like ZoneAlarm)?

  5. lankester

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    i have firewall activated via windows (i have checke the box to allow others on network to use internet connection)and pc-cillin 20002 with firewall enabled.
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    BUGGER ME!!!! Praise the Lord,

    Its working,

    It apperars that one fundamental piece of imformation was never passed on, or does not apply in all cases. Basically i followed the advice and tutorial given in earlier post, at the time i have only been rebooting the CLIENT machine , never has it said reboot the HOST pc, but due to some maintenace i had to carry out earlier today i had to turn both machines off. I then powered the client pc on then the Host, not expecting to see great things for the IE on the client machine i gave it a whirl.............the rest is history.

    Thanks to all that have given there input.