IE 6 not working

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jason2slow, Oct 1, 2003.

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    Problem Report
    Access denied to system because of URL Filter Configuration, while attempting to retrieve the URL:

    Message ID

    Problem Description
    Your system was configured to deny access to this URL.

    Possible Problem Cause
    Request denied, as specified in the local filter list configuration.

    Possible Solution
    Contact your network support team if this problem persists.

    this is the error i get when going to any site i have tried, google, ntfs, hotmail

    can anyone help me with this?
    EDIT : (running WIN XP, i haven't messed with any of the settings on ie either)
  2. jason2slow

    jason2slow Guest its working...this happens a lot nowadays. It works for awhile then it stops, then it happens again. Same with msn messenger, seems when i can't use IE i can't use msn.
  3. jason2slow

    jason2slow Guest

    yea i think my isp (roadrunner) uses a proxy to connect
  4. coathanger007

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    If you've got a firewall or web filter, disable it and see if the situation improves.