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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cyberrico, May 8, 2003.

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    When I open my browser for the first time, it is fullscreen. If I want it to open by a different size by default, I simply need to resize the window and close it. When I open it again, it opens to the size of my last primary window when I closed it. So if I want to make my browser a 1/4 of it's normal size opening on the top left corner, all I have to do is open my browser, set it to that size and location and close it. When I open it again, it will be the same size in the same location.

    Now when I click on a link on a page in an already open browser, it will sometimes open in a new window. If you click on that link, it will open in a new window that is less than fullscreen.

    What I want to be able to do is control the size of that new window. I know that I can resize the window and close it. When I click that link again, it will be the size of the resize I just did. However, the resizing cannot touch the edge of the screen. If it does, IE 6 ignores the resize change and will stay with the old default new window size.

    Here's the problem. Some sites have links that open in new windows and have a predetermined size. Now that goes for full windows, not the little mini windows that don't have file, edit, etc. on them.

    Big deal, just maximize or resize every time, right? That is what I have been doing for years, no problem. I must have gone to a site that defaults new windows in a screwed up way. All new link windows are now a zero size. They look minimized, but when I click on the toolbar to pull them up, nothing happens. If I right click and select maximize, I get a fullscreen of the link. This is a HUGE pain.

    I once and for all would love to find a registry hack or software title that defaults all IE 6 browser window sizes to whatever I want. Heck I would be estatic if I could continually default everything to fully maximized.

    I realize this sounds like a small problem. And sure, it is. But I have yet to find a solution.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks for the reply Enyo.

    Well, I'm getting closer. I follow your instructions and the next time I open a link, it's "normal". I close out my browsers and poof, it's back to zero size again.
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    Sorry, Enyo, it did work. Thanks. I didn't follow the first step (close IE) as I needed to read your instructions (print it, duh).

    Razerback, you're my new best friend. I usually hate programs that run in the background, but this is the answer to my prayers.

    Thanks guys.
  5. And also this program Razerback mentioned has a little handy popup-stopper program built in. I use this program too. It is good. It maximises IE windows.
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    there is a nice program " IE++" from Gerasoft comes with too many options...give it a shot! it
    s not free but you can always keep it with a pop menu asking you to pay.