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    hi all, whats the best way to set up two hard drives and two cd roms on the mobo.what goes to the primary ide 1 and what goes to the ide 2 etc:)
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    IDE 1: Hard Drive = Main
    CD Rom = Secondary

    IDE 2: CDR or DVD = Main
    Hard Drive = Secondary
  3. NetRyder

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    Also check the UDMA specs of the drives.
    If one of them is Ultra ATA/100 and another drive on the same channel is Ultra ATA/33, both drives will use Ultra ATA/33 ... so there will be a slight performance degradation in the UATA/100 drive.
  4. sparky

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    thanks all...
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    catch23 is correct. Putting a cd-rom device on the same channel as your hard drive will definitely slow down your system.