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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Fhuising, Aug 17, 2002.

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    I have setup a wireless network, and all the computers are runnning windows xp, but when I run the wizard Home Networking after it's done, the client computers see the dialed adsl connection but still can't connect to the internet.

    Could someone help me on what I am missing out here, it used to be working fine in Windows ME. Maybe it's a problem with the protecols?
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    The Network is setup, to have client computers with wireless Lan cards, and one Wireless LAN Gateway as accespoint. Then we let one computer share the internet.

    I don't believe I have the computer setup as NAT, where can I find that?
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    NAT is Network Address Translation it is the process which the computer or NAT device translates all of the home network IPs into one, retrieves the data needed then the data is forwarded back to the computer that initially requested it.

    I am not sure about ICS in XP but is there not a small program ICS Client Setup, which will config the clients to use the ICS host computer for internet access.
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    Which Port does Internet Connection Sharing use to redirect the internet??
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    It's really easy if you do it right.
    1. Enable sharing (ICS) on the DSL interface in your Network Connections. The LAN interface will now get the IP (just FYI).
    2. Set all the other computers to obtain their IP automaticaly.
    3. Make sure the computers get IP:s in the range 192.168.0.{2-254} and that the Default Gateway is
    4. Surf!

    Just one question, this Wireless LAN Gateway, is it just an access point or is it a router (the name "Gateway" makes me ask)? Brand, model?