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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by aidanpeiser, Dec 17, 2001.

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    ok i setup powertoys for win XP [tweekUI]and it managed to change all my desktop icons and menu icons to real bad images some how i want to set them back but dont know how useing Tweek UI is there any other way i can do this in XP to set them back to there default quality and icons?

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    lol. I thought I was the only one that did that. Right click on your desktop> select Properties> "Appearance" tab> "Advanced" button> There's a little pull-down menu, click on that and select "icon" making the size 32.
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    tryed but .....

    well i tryed that but it seams to not have worked what that does is edit the image size ie: width and height i am talking about the image qualitie in KB, it has scrambled it to look real shitt and not shure what to do...

  4. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    Yeah, i know what you mean, uglier then hell. I'm trying to remember exactly what i did to get mine back. Your "show desktop" icon is flat right? Not the neat looking one that's turned to the side a little bit, giving it the 3d (sorta) affect? And all the others are bland.

    Do you have a copy of Customizer XP installed?

    I'm not sure now, it was a hard to locate fix when i did it, lol. Get a copy of Customizer XP. On the first page, "System," there's an option, "Change Icon Color Format" (third item down on the list). tick that box and you'll get some options along the bottom: 16 bit; 24 bit, and 32 bit. I hope that helps.
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    This might be stupid, but on the Repair tab of TweakUI there
    is a Repair Icons option. Might work.
  6. I have gotton those same ugly looking icons on my desktop b4 ( only after I used the repair icons tool in Tweak UI)

    To fix them all I did was go to my dispay properties and toggle my color quality from 16 bit or 24 bit and it refreshed everything.

    It might work for you too.

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    yip dude

    yeah dude thanks
    it was that simple. works and looks fine now thanks again hehe