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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Mac1, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Mac1

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    Hi all
    I have a funny problem which I cannot seem to fix, when I have a folder open and click on another folder inside the first folder it opens in a new window,

    I have tried folder options, "open in same window" but it still opens in a new window.

    hope you can help
    thanks in advance
    Im running Win XP Pro SP1 & rollup 2, IE6 SP1
  2. yoyo

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    Start Registry Editor (Regedit).
    Locate and then click the Default value under the following keys in the registry

    if this problem occurs with drives:

    If this problem occurs with folders:

    Click Modify on the Edit menu.
    Type none in the Value data box, and then click OK.
    Quit Registry Editor.
  3. Mac1

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    I used the one for the folders, was a bit scared when I saw "type none in the value data box" I had visions of having no folders at all, so I backed up the registry just in case.

    that fixed the problem, could you explain how this fixed it, if possible.

    a big THANK YOU for your help.

  4. yoyo

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    The none setting is the default. A bug in Folder Options causes this to change. After that when you doubleclick a folder in most cases a search window opens, or a command window or as in your case just a new Explorer window - depends on what options you have in the right click menu.