I want to Learn PC Graphic Programming --->Where...

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  1. ...Can I obtain the necessary info on the web to familiarize myself to the graphical jargon (DOT Bump Mapping, and all similar cool stuff)

    I am a newbie, and I would love to learn first the "basic" of graphical programming.

    Thanks in advance.
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    actually yes you can...

    a lot of the terms used by companies like ati and nvidia are for similar techniques that either has developed on its own or with partners to do the same thing...

    just the algorithms are different...

    a number of websites explain openGL and direct3d and what not for the average joe and bumb mapping, pixel shading, texture compression and all these other terms are explained in some detail..

    also hardware related graphical jargon is explained..

    if you are familiar to an extent with what is going on.. you can even get detailed schematics (from the white paper or from launched products) of video cards and see how they work...

    its ALL online :)

    too many sources to list :)
  3. Uhh, I guess thanks? :confused:
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    this wont help too much
    but remember
    google is your friend

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    do you mean graphic design by any chance? cuzz u seemed kinda baffeld by sazars post.