I,ve got it all F***ed up

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Bon Scott, Feb 9, 2002.

  1. Bon Scott

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    I changed my mobo to MSI K7Via266 Pro-ru and nothing works like it used to on Asus A7V266.

    Those blue screens are sure pain in the B*tt.
    Starting up is usually with a big error, system has just recovered from a big blow !!!
    I've had so many errors, I could writte a best seller to date.

    These are the last errors I've had :

    STOP: 0x0000008E ( 0xC0000005,0x804E9DF7,0xF25C9C24,0x00000000)

    BCCode: 1000008E
    BCP1: C0000005
    BCP2: F1FE712F
    BCP3: 814206C0
    BCP4: 00000000

    Someone ? Any clue ?

  2. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    Did you do a clean install after the change? If not... that's what needs done to get XP to pick everything up correctly. I wouldn't suggest a repair installation either... wipe the drive or partition and start clean.
  3. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

  4. Bon Scott

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    Lonman you are the best !!!
    You are like a father figure for us all !!!
    You have great input....

    It's true, my memory stick the second one 256mbPC2100 ddr is probably half dead, showing only 128 mb.
    And I did a clean instal, portitioning my disk and formating to NTFS.
    Those errors are from the start, maybe some cables are twisted ?
    Sure gonna check that ...

    You know, it takes me 6 hours to Instal and fix winXP the way I like it,
    So I reather wanna fix the problem....

    Some more errors ? I'll post them later...

  5. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    I'd put money on it that if you have a bad stick of ram and you get that fixed... most everything else will follow suit.

    'Father figure.' Sigh, I feel sooo old, lol. :p
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    well done daddy