I Think I Need Professional Help

Discussion in 'Funny Farm' started by Friend of Bill, Jul 16, 2002.

  1. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    I think I got that internet addiction they talk about. Here is what I've been eXPeriencing:

    1. Found out Kash & Karry don't have on-line grocery shopping.
    2. The only bills that get paid are Road Runner and the power bill.
    3. Dog keeps growling at me.
    4. Beard keeps getting caught around the mouse ball.
    5. When I stand up the seat sticks to me.
  2. 2z

    2z OSNN Gamer

    :D Ha ha ha ha ... know how you feel how long have you been sat in front of your monitor ???? Whats your longest single session without sleep ?????? mines about 72hours normally though I do about 18 hours a day
  3. Dory

    Dory Was LadySunshine

    New York
    man... i'm lucky i can sit here more then 20 minutes!! LOL!!!!

    but then again i got a lot going on especially once the warm weather comes around. i finally got the parts for my car that i needed and they are going in this coming weekend, and there's a lot of work to do.

    but when it's done... hopefully it'll run right and look real good! :)