I spent 2 weeks on this and i cant fix it still!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Memizex, Dec 21, 2001.

  1. Memizex

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    Ok, i have Windows XP Pro on one computer and Win 98se on the other. I have it setup both computers are connected to a hub and the hub is hooked up on to the Modem. they both can Ping eachother but we cant see eachother on Network Neighborhood or Places. i got XP's Firewall down as well as mine to be able to ping eachother. I use Zone Alarm. When i try to set everything up it tries to use these crappy wizard utilities to network. I Know its software problems, and i cant figure it out. I also cant figure out how to configure sharing like i was in 98 on XP, it tells me i should put stuff in the share folder but i cant password protect my drives if i network them, i think they call this the advances Share Utility, advanced my crack! Well if anyone can help please!!!!!!:confused:
  2. max

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    I set all my IPs , Subnets Domain/workgroup manually BUT you still have to run the XP wizard

    I dont know why or what it does but it does something .....

    You have to run the XP wizard !!
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    I found that "wizard" to be a pain in my ass since it set thing s up the way it wanted... I wanted to use "non-routable" addresses and it set my server up for 169.*.*.* addresses... However it left the addresses as I set them on the workstation... I tried using it a few times more then just set them up manually... The wizard set up the properties for sharing but that can be done manualy too.. Just right click > sharing > then "don't use blah blah wizard" and accept the nasty warnings, Ok maybe I just remember it like that" and you should be set...
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    hi there,
    so if you have used the Network Wizard, did u used the Network Wizard Disk install in Win 98sec ?..

    if you used the Disk Wizard thingy, it won't have a problem.

    i have exactly computer like u . One WinXp Pro and Win 98sec.
  5. max

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    I have the same 98 - gateway

    and XP as a client

    I installed ICS on the 98 box, set the network properties in XP, ran the wizard , tell it the machine is part of a LAN - bingo -- Networked

    I have never used the wizard floppy disk

    Static IP's non-routable .. runs excellent for me
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    ON my buddies pc he had the same problem and it was zonealarm that was causing it, have you tried to disable it and see if you can access? Also i think there are some XP updates for zone alarm to fix this problem