I need to go back to win 98 from XP how can this be done ? and what bootdisk needed?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by PHIL, Dec 2, 2001.

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    I desperatly need to install win 98 back. You see i am getting ADSL tomorow and the company whose technicians will be installing adsl do not work with anything other then win 2k,me,98 and i only have win 98 se. I don't know how to go about doing this. I am ready to format, partition everything it takes to install win 98 back. But i tried my usual win 98 bootdisk and set the 1st boot device to floppy but the system rejected it. I guess this is due to my system being NTFS. I would be greatful for any advice you can give on this matter.

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    PS> I am running win xp professional now.
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    Sounds like your floppy is bad. Try to get another one and you'll have to fdisk your drive, BUT, i'd leave XP on, it practically configures itself. All you're getting installed is an Ethernet card that will connect to your ADSL modem right? All it is is a simple LAN connection.
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    I guess the only way to get back to 98 if to format.

    You can download a bootdisk at http://drd.dyndns.org
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    something u need to know

    The stupid ppl @ MS made it so that XP overides any (i think all) bootdisk from previous OS's... that is y it doesn't work nothing to do with yer floppy drive m8.

    there are hacks all over the web... check them out - only downloads ones which are off OFFICIAL SITES.

    ADSL should install on any OS expecially XP as it is made for broadband.

    if you don't have that much valuable info on your HDD format and reinstall... (last precaution)


    P.S. If you are in Uk and using BT Openworld... abdsl does work on XP :) If you aren;t from UK you won't have much of a clue what i'm talking about :)
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    Use Win98 Boot Disk

    Doesn't Matter if you have FAT or NTFS, if you havea Win98 BootDisk you can use the FDISK command to partition and the Format C: to reformat your HDD. I have used it many times in My XP-eriences...None too good I might add.

    First off Here are my System Specs:

    Asus A7V Rev. 1.04, Bios 1008
    AMD 1.2 Ghz Not O/C'd
    1GB Crucial PC133 SDRAM
    30 GB Seagate Barracuda ATA100
    Swiftech MC462OA HSF
    Enermax 431W PS
    Leadtek Winfast GeForce3
    Creative SB Live X-Gamer 5.1

    The First time I installed XP I "THOUGHT" that, according to the options I chose, that it was going to reformat the HD and do a fresh install of XP, getting rid of 98 and converting to NTFS. Wrongo!! It basically half-a**ed upgraded my system to XP. All of the files and folders from 98 were still there but now unaccessible through my start menu unless I reinstalled them over the existing ones. Finally, having gotten tired of that, I decided to say screw it and put 98 back in. I guess I love the familiarity of 98 and at least having SOME idea of what I am doing (Granted that is not good since I am studying for my MCSE). Eventually the XP bug got to me again and this time I thought since it is ONLY going to let me upgrade and not do a fresh install I would at least start with a fresh install of 98 to upgrade from. No Problem. Everything went fine...UNTIL the first time I tried to upgrade the drivers for my SBLive card with "WinXP" drivers from Creative. Well, don't you know after they installed that the machine hung when trying to reboot...had to hit my reset button to start the rebot process...BAD Move...But the only one I had...Now XP no longer recognized my ATA 100 HDD...told me that there was a boot disk failure. Soooo I hadto go into my case, swap over my HDD to the Primary 66 controller. I was able to boot then, went to the system restore thinking that it was a problem with the drivers, restored the system, and swapped my HDD back to the ATA100 controller. Machine booted normally. No more problems with it for a day or two UNTIL I tried to install the drivers for my Iomega Zip250 ATAPI. Yes, the Drivers were the ones from Iomega, specified for WinXP.....What happened? Repeat of above, except this time, after I switched to my ATA66 controller, I could POST and got to the boot Screen and no matter what option I chose..Boot Normally, Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Command Prompt, I would get to the WINXP Logo Screen and it would hang and would not boot. So, of course, what did I do...I used the trusty fix all command...Format C: My problem disappeared and I now have Win98 back on my machine, but I am disappointed in myself for not being able to figure out the problem (1), for giving up so quickly (2), for depending on my Machine so much that I can't have it down for days trying to figure out a problem I have no idea where to start figuring from. The ONLY thing I can think of is that Both of the driver files were .exe files. I did not update them or rather TRY updating them by going to device manager and choosing update driver. Maybe that was my problem but if so then WHY? Hell, I don't even know why I bothered....XP dad drivers for all of my cards and peripherals, but I wanted the manufacturer's drivers. I don't think that there is an error in that logic. Anyway, any ideas? Any solid truths? I am beginning to think that I should just leave XP alone and stick with the security blanket of 98.
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    PHIL, unless your DSL uses PPPoE, you can just get the network settings from the DSL installer and set it up yourself. And even if it does use PPPoE, as long as the software for that is XP compatible, you're fine. Just because the techs don't touch it (if the guy's cool, he will anyway, but that's not relevant) doesn't mean that the DSL won't work with XP. All it'll require is installing a network card (or modem, if it's internal), grab the driver disk and install that (this is the only thing that could really stop you up...if they're not XP compatible), and setup the proper settings for DNS, etc (most likely will be DHCP, which means you don't do anything to your network settings.)
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    To Go Back, Just Partition/Format.. and then install the Win98 as you normally would.
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    But XP automatically supports PPPoE, so you don't really need an special software to use aDSL with XP. All you need to know is the Username and Password. It'll save you some trouble and money if you do it yourself (instead of the technician). It's really easy and fast.
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    Change you bios to boot from CD-
    insert the Win98 CD and select start with CD rom Support - and install as normal.

    I had the same problem with my Cable company - the tech they sent refused to install on my Win2000 machine (at the time). I told him that I would do it - all I needed from him was the IP settings and stuff and we helped each other out.

    The reason they want you to have Win98 is that they don't know how to setup XP - so they make it a policy not to touch it - just tell them that you will do everything yourself and it's fine.
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    The best way to install XP is to reformat your hard drive and then use the full install option for XP. This solves the vast majority of XP installation problems, most of which seem to be the result of old drivers from previous installations.
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    Read what Lactic Acid is writing
    He knows what' he is talking about.
    Read other threads in other forums.
    He knows his bussiness

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    for Lactic.Acid

    My system is

    AMD 1 Ghz
    Ram 1 Gb
    hdd 10 k
    All scsi