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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by M1ke, Nov 26, 2002.

  1. M1ke

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    ok i have an ini file with a password in it and i was wondering how i could make this file like no show up in the folder when it gets opened and i mean not just right clicking it and hitting properties then hitting hidden my friend is too smart for that.........by the way its a config file for this mephsito bot for a game called diablo ii that i play any help would be greatly appreciated ^^
  2. brunsodj

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    Maybe try encrypting the file??? I don't know how that would affect the program accessing it.

    Right click > properties > General Tab > Advanced.

    Check "encrypt content to secure data" This will make it turn green and will prevent other uses from opening it.

    Someone have a better solution?

  3. M1ke

    M1ke Guest

    there are no other user names just one and u hit power on this comp it goes to desktop im trying to make it like dissapear or like ask for a password to open it
  4. Octopus

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    hide it..put it in a disk or move it to somewhere else and then when you come back re-move it to its original folder.
    you can rename it too.
  5. Larz

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    Create another profile and use it ( u shouldnt use ur administrator acount anyways)...suggest administrator be only user with access...Recommend Control Panel > User Accounts > Find Learn about User Accounts