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    I saw the ring, great movie but didn't quite understand the ending.

    I started to conect many parts of the movie but there are some things that I didn't quite understand...
    Like :

    1)The end of the Tape is when Samara gets thrown to the well and " 7 " days after you see her coming out and killing you ? ?

    2)Why did Rachel create copies of the movie ?

    3)Is the kid gonna die too ? or not because he was being part of the fact that Rachel was going to distribute the movie ?

    4)Rachel didin't die cause : she helped Samara or distrubuted the movie to Noah ? If the first is true then Noah didn't have to die. If the second is true then the Motel Owner didn't die cause he distributed the movie (if he saw all his movies) ?

    5)How did the kid knew all the stuff about the kid but Rachel didn't ?

    6)Why did Becka become crazy if she didn't saw the tape ? And how did she knew that Rachel had 4 days left.

    7)Why did Anna kill Samara ?

    8)What the F@#$ do the Horses have to do ? " Suicide Horse " ? ?

    Please someone that really understood the movie reply me and help me cause I think that I will not sleep until i get some answers, OK ?
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    1. after 7 days the tv will go on from itself and show the last part of the tape, the ring and she will ocme out of the screen and you will die of terror.

    2. she did it to let it be examined by the guy.

    3. the kid isnt gonna die cause he also made a copy of the tpe in the end of the movie

    4. noah didnt made a copy of it and the moitel owner didnt make a copy of it. only if the person makes a copy he will survive

    5. he watched the tape and could speak with here thorugh his mind and had dreams about the girl.

    6. becka was in a shock of seeing the dead body of her girlfriend

    7. she wanted a child of her one and not a adopted one

    8. dunno, the horses had a big part in the life of anna
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    The kid was kept in the attic of that barn where the horses were kept. As she said the horses keep here awake at night, so she just grew to hate them
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    was a cool movie, but i saw it on a theater with a bunch of ghetto ass f*cks and they didnt stop mumbling their ebonics and crap. so it pretty much ruined the movie.
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    about the horses, I wanted to add that the movie led on that "they could see things we couldn't" like they had a sense for Samara's evilness.
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    when the doctor was interviewing samara on the one tape and he asked her you don't want to hurt anyone anymore right? she said no, no one can stop it it will keep going.

    translation: the only way to keep it going is to copy the tape that enures that more people will get hurt if u don't copy to tape and or destroy it it won't continue since your copy will be destroyed.

    and if I understood right the man didn't want to kid the mother did but the man made her stay in the barn with the horses.