I have been put on notice~!~~~~!!!!

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Steevo, Mar 21, 2009.

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    Officially, and everyting, but without the writing and associated BS.

    Apparently being on a salary and comission now means even if I work for a hourly wage at less than half my previous pay when figured out (but not including comission, and bonuses and IT salary), and working MORE hours means showing up late for two days in a row 5-10 minutes late is a stern talking to, and a threat to possibly send me home or something sometime in the distant future, unpaid, for a day or something.

    I have offered to quit twice unless they met my demands, and they think that a bla bla bla talk is going to threaten me? I should offer to work a normal day, and give back my company car, cell, and tell them at noon I get a hour lunch, and I leave at 5.

    Anyone else ever have to deal with this bull****?
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    Yup. I changed employer :)
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    Welcome to my daily world...
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    Steevo... I was in a similar situation when I was quitting a job up in the DC area... They lured me there with delusions of a great paycheck in the sky with which I could retire young and rich and such... what they didnt tell me was that I would have to work many overtime hours including holidays and weekends... Not that I minded that except it was supposed to be TEMPORARY (as far as the horrible hours)... well after the initial building integration was complete I was told they had to keep me where I was at because they had no one to do the day to day IT needs...

    I got over 1400 workstations (ghosted) installed patched, approx 600 IP phones installed, patched all IP Phones/ PC's in the IDFs added them all to the domain, patched the OS's and virus updates and did so while the contractor was still working in the building PRIOR to building turnover to the government in less than three weeks...

    I kept asking myself how this was my problem? So, I fixed it for them... I made ONE phone call to MacDill AFB I had my new job in 45 mins (it took 30 to find the hiring manager)

    Then I went and told my project manager why I was quiting...

    He was furious... not at me but at my task lead... he said I could work directly for him, and that he knew nothing about the problems I was having...

    He was sincere, and took my frustrations to our Senior VP, he was mad as well... I beat our timeline by a week, even under less than stellar work conditions... they both extended an offer to stay with them for another HUGE raise at 10% more than what I was making...

    A single guy with ZERO debt, and I would have been making 86k a year working directly for the director of IT... I have to be honest I thought about it... but I took a massive pay hit to move back to what I call home...

    I still have his email and phone number, and twice he has emailed or called me (approx 1 year apart) to ask if I have thought about moving back to the DC area...

    Let them realize how important you are to them especially in times like now where good employees are hard to find, and I bet you get a much better reaction...

    Make sure you do so with a new job in hand however, as I have had what my employers thought was a bluff handed back to me, and when my last day came and went, and did not return ther following monday the phone calls came flying in...

    Make your stance firmly but be ready for them not to act the ay you are hoping... either way stand up for your rights...

    Mike A!
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    Fwiw, being on time is a sign of professionalism.

    If you are not going to be on time for various reasons, it is best to establish that via a call or other item. I typically come in +/- half an hour of when I guess I am supposed to be here but I also work from home and stay later if there is a workload. I am also salaried (plus perks).

    However, as I mentioned, I have an established lax setup for my start time. I can come in upto a certain amount late. It doesn't mean I do, as it is disrespectful to other people on my team who do get here on time, every day.

    Another colleague of mine got put on notice due to excess smoke breaks and one other had a warning for late arrivals. It happens all over the place and depends on management.

    I would just air out the frustrations and get an explanation. Don't feel disrespected because that will likely lead to a whole other can of worms but DO get an established precedence and set of expectations. Just make sure you cool off first because you don't sound too friendly right about now
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    I agree with your points, with ONE exception...

    If you are in any kind of on-call or consultant type of position there is "normally" no set time of arrival/departure, at least in none of those types of positions I have been in. There have always been "threshholds" of hours needed to be worked in any week or month...

    Steevo, can you give us anymore info?

    Mike A!
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    I work as a salesman/in house IT. So we do have a regularly scheduled time to show up. However, I work late hours and since I have taken a change of pay and change of job I am split between departments with two different sets of rules.
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    "Smoke break" LMAO Banned on company property. You have to drive up to a mile to get off the property to light up.

    Salaried but with flex time and work from home make up. Of course this is to make up for cutting sick time pay from 120 to 40 hours a year.

    Lunch breaks. No such thing when working with customers in 5 time zones plus international offices.

    Commissions and bonuses? WTF are they?

    Company Cell Phones, cars, credit cards? Prove every penny was spent on busines use or start reimbursing the company and get fired.

    DC, NY, LA, etc. Double your salary to break even. Every once in a while the company con's a kid into transfering to places like that for 15-20% increase. Man do they get screwed!

    Start your own business. Then you only have to worry about your employess stealing you blind (oh yeah, and your suppliers, and the government, and your customers suing you...)

    Plan B - inherit.

    Plan C - Marry rich.
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    Right now I work at a Technical Support Manager with a company that for a long time insisted that I carry an on call phone to support other offices and to come in as needed. I got fed up with this since they promoted me, but refused to give a raise. I've been tempted to step down as the manager because I'm now doing 3x the workload, but at the same pay as the new guys under me. I don't step down because it will look good on the resume for my next job. I'm quitting at the end of this month because I'm getting married (Planc C -she'll be a nurse at a top hospital in the DFW area). Hopefully I can get hired on either at a church or the seminary as an IT person that way I can get my grad school for really cheap/free. :)