I have a problem regarding rundll32 something bla bla bla

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Celestia, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. Celestia

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    i cant access any of the things in the control panel. on my desktop i right click to get the display properties and i get an error message saying 'rundll32.exe is not a valid windows application'. it says that when i try to select just about anything in the control panel. its driving me crazy. it worked before, than i dont know what happened, but a couple of weeks or so ago it started giving me that error. i have reinstalled xp pro although it was not a clean install as i havent had time to backup my data (voluminous amounts of which i have that would fill several cdrs) and i actually had the nimda worm or whatever it was but i eradicated it successfully. does that have anything to do with it? how do i fix this? its awful. ive gotten some good help here before with my nooby prolems so thank you in advance for any suggestions that you can give me. id really like to change my wallpaper as well as do some other things. i cant do *anything* in the control panel :( about all i can do is check is my network connection... :sigh:

    ty for any help you can give
  2. Celestia

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    nobody knows what ails me? :(
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    best to reinstall xp
  4. Celestia

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    well um... i did

    its still poo :(
  5. Same Issue

    Well same problem here! I did the sfc /scannow (run from start menu). That was weird! It kept telling me to insert my XP cd over and over again, but it did complete, I think. Have not rebooted yet, but I still have the problem. I am reinstalling SP1 right now, then reboot, then add post with results.