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    -Doctor, i've came because my wife and I are having trouble conceiving.

    -Here, have this small container... I will need a sperm sample first thing tomorrow.

    The guy leaves and shows up the next month.

    -Well well, didn't I say that you bring me the sample the next day?

    -I'm sorry, Doc... but I've tried everything!
    First day with one hand, nothing; the day after with both hands, same result.
    My wife with her hand, then her mouth... then both hands!
    My mother in law with her hand, her mouth.
    My sister tried putting it between her knees, and my daughter also with her mouth.
    My neighbor's wife with both hands.
    Two weeks later, my oldest son tried aswell; then my mother in law and my wife together, zip.
    Then all together, even my father in law helped that time... can you believe we couldn't find a way to open the damn cup!