I got a problem with my Desktop.

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by choson_lord, Jul 3, 2002.

  1. choson_lord

    choson_lord Guest

    Look at my Icons text background.

    I want that colour to go away. To be invisble.. just the text.

    Please someone tell me how to remove the background colour.

    Thank you very much.

    - Steve :confused:

  2. Crucial

    Crucial Guest

    Simply go to Display Properties, the Desktop tab, and set the colour in the bottom right to the colour of your desktop.;)
  3. choson_lord

    choson_lord Guest

    The thing is i dont want any color. I want it to be Transparent no colour just invisble.

    Thanks anyway.

    - Steve :(
  4. Static 99

    Static 99 Guest

    I'm not 100% sure about this, but i think you have to check 'Drop shadow for desktop icon tekst'
    (or something like that - i have a Dutch version.) under Visual effects.

    Right click My Computer --> Properties --> Advanced ---> Visual effects.
  5. Swi

    Swi gningnegneur

    Your right static 99, that's the answer!
    1 thousand points for you, and a cookie
  6. Static 99

    Static 99 Guest

    Tabernak! :D (hope i got this one right)
  7. stuy_b

    stuy_b Guest

    Cant remember exact location of the option, but I think its in desktop properties tab in display properties called "lock desktop"..if that is enabled.. the transparancy goes. Uncheck it. I think its web something part. Sorry away from my XP machine at the moment.
  8. madmatt

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    New York
    stuy: good call.

    Right click desktop
    Arrange icons by
    Lock web items on desktop
  9. stuy_b

    stuy_b Guest

    Thanks Madmatt :D