I fixed my slow video problem...

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by LordOfLA, Mar 6, 2004.

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    Hey guys just an update on my slow video on second display on my ati 9800 pro issue.

    I seem to have finally hit the nail on the head - how I did it I dont know :D

    But what I did before it speeded up was to kill windows totally with winxp manager tweak program (one of the settings hosed the filesystem), clean install windows xp twice :p. Screwed up windows again with the same program (then realising what was causing the screwup) fixed windows again ( no reinstall) reinstall omega 4.2 catalysts, fiddle with smartgart so that AGP reads/writes were on, remove omega catalysts cos of the control panel issue on dual displays and in stall the UniAN 1.0.42 based on cat 4.1 from here http://ati.hgn.it/newsread.php?newsid=45

    So out of all that I can guess its either enabling AGP Reads/Writes in smartgart or the UniAN drivers. eitherway the combination of the two seems to have sorted me out properly and seems to me to have given me a performance boost as well, though they may just be down to the clean windows installs.

    Anyhoo hope this helps someone out there other than me :D (you can read about the UniAN, Neutral and Asura drivers at driverheaven.net if you're interested)