I cannot access my user data

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by NeoXP, Dec 2, 2001.

  1. NeoXP

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    Here is my problem: I have a dual boot with 2k Pro and XP Pro. I cannot access my user data in XP Pro from 2k Pro from "Documents and Settings\(User)\My Documents" where I have all my important info stored. Yesterday, when I started up XP Pro, it said that the registry was corrupt and will not start XP. I NEED to get a copy of the files in "My Documents" but despite everything I try, I just get the old "Documents not accessible, Access Denied" error. Does anyone know what I can do to get into this folder and recover my VERY important files?:confused:
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    Have you tried a system restore
    that will fix your registry just pick how far back you want to go
  3. klashn

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    recovery console

    IF you can get into safe mode, edit the Local security policy so that you can use your floppy drive in the Recovery Console.

    After you enable it, restart your comp with the XP CD in. boot to it and then say you want to Repair/enter the Recovery console

    You will then be able to use your floppy drive to copy your important files...

    (this procedure is for getting your valuable data off your comp so you can reformat if you want)

    as to why you cannot access my docs... im stumped...

    hope this works
  4. NeoXP

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    It seems as if only the user can access the file when they are logged on. How can I start a registry recovery to a earlier time when it was not curropt. I cannot get into XP! Is there away to get into a users files when you are not logged on under that user? I really need help! Thanks
  5. Lonman

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    Does 2k deny you from copying them also? Maybe trying a backup of that directory and then restoring in an alternate location?? Or go with a repair installation of xp. I haven't use disk image in a while, but i think you can make an image of your XP drive and then extract what you want where you want (another play on the backup theory). The NTFS security options are really tight. i'm hoping you'll be able to do a repair installation and all will be well. Good luck.
  6. NeoXP

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    Thanks everyone! I got the files back by making a backup and restoring it without the NTFS Security file structure. You really saved me!