I am such an idiot...come in and laugh at my stupidity...

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Masaki Ando, Jun 9, 2002.

  1. Masaki Ando

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    On thursday night, I removed my Thermaltake Volcano 6Cu+ so I can sell it because of its stupid noise. On friday morning, I was in a hurry to get out, so I just placed the fan back on the CPU without securing the fan onto the socket. Then, voila, my CPU fried in less than a second. Then I had to buy a $130 AMD XP 1700 in a stupid retail package....

    Please laugh at me for my stupidity.:eek:

    But I have few questions... I have a Volcano 5 now, and i accidentally scratched out a little bit of the thermal compound on the bottom of that fan with my fingernail (because i didn't know what it was) Is my processor going to be damaged because of that? Also, the Volcano 5 runs almost silent at first, then it got quite loud (not as loud as V6 Cu+) after the temperature went up to 50deg celcius... why is that?

    And, is the fan that comes with the AMD retail CPU any good? (in the noise aspect)

    Also, after I boot iinto Windows, anything in the taskbar (include the start button) becomes unresponsive for quite a while but everything else in the Desktop area work fine...anyone knows why?

    I have:

    AMD XP 1700+
    Thermaltake Volcano 5
    ASUS A7V266-E
    WD ATA100 40GB HDD
    WINXP Pro
    MSI GF3 Ti200
    3COM 3C905B-TX (actual marketing product name unknown)
    256MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM
  2. Taurus

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    that thermal compound on the bottom of the volcano 5 should work okay... but i'd invest in some arctic silver 3 thermal compound. it conducts heat a lot better than that stuff stuck to the bottom of your heatsink. noiseless, too! }:>

    and the volcano 5 gets louder because it detects your temperatures getting higher and spins the fan faster to cool it down. 50° C is kinda hot.
  3. 2z

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    the slightest mark on your paste is going to cause a heat build up. I found the best way to fit the heat sink is to take the mobo out of the box & put it on a flat surface. I also made the same mistake as you but not only fried my athlon 1.4 but melted my brand new raid mobo as well....... Now I only use pentium chips if I do that again the mobo will turn its self off........Saving myself from my own inevitble & ongoing stupidity..:rolleyes: :p :p
  4. mbunny

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    50 degrees despite what everyone says is not hot.

    60+ degrees is when you need to invest in a new fan.

    Thermal Paste that comes with any heatsink is crap =P

    Go buy some Arctic Silver just for the plain fact that it is a far superior heat conductor.

    If you want performance sans the noise go get a 80mm HSF. Volcano 7 is one of those. Due to its larger size, it spins at a lower speed thus causing less noise while pushing decent air.

    As for the taskbar issue, a clean install heheheheheheh =P
  5. GoNz0

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    As i found out last week 50 deg can be hot or not depending on were that reading is coming from.

    My old epox mobo with a temp diode under the chip read my CPU temp as 38-42 deg C.

    This new Epox 8k3a+ board reads the CPU temp from the chips internal diode, a true temp if you will. Now i run at 46-52 deg C from no load to 100% load.

    AMD state 48-58 as the optimal operating temp so im well chuffed with me coolermaster copper block thingymajiggy (yeh i can't spell as i got out me tree waitin up all night to see Lenox whoop Tyson's ass ;))
  6. Syrus

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    That was a silly thing to do, but dont worry im sure lots of ppl have done similar things.
  7. Masaki Ando

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    the thermal compound i was referring to is the one that came "pasted" the the CPU...V5 itself didn't came with anything else that has a little package with silicon gel in it...you know, like the generic AMD fan that came with the retail box