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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by patrickjp, Dec 11, 2001.

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    I have winXP pro on a dell dimension 8100 machine ..
    I should have learned my lesson about downloading software from Morpheus.. but I did'nt and I need your help.
    I downloaded some plugins for Cakewalk and about a week later I started noticing Media player, internet explorer and half life were all freezing up when I try and run any one of them.

    According to norton, it was a virus, Norton said it was cleaned, so I deleted the infected file..

    I backed up some drivers and movies, then re-installed winXP Pro. I still have the same problems..
    I even used "fdisk /mbr" to wipe clean the boot record for my re-install

    I thought to myself I should be weary of the files I backed up cause they may be infected as well but norton did not find anything on them. When re-loading XP, I noticed some lockups during the install (not bad enough to abort the operation, just small freezes)

    so now it's getting to be frustrating.. I ran some memory tests with simmtester and all my mem checked out ok..

    any other ideas/suggestions would be appreciated =(
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    will do!!

    thanks AlecStaar

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    just a question about the repair..

    are you talking about "fixboot" from the command prompt after entering the "repair mode" ?

    that's the only thing I could find that would re create the boot sector