HTPC Upgrade - Enabling Full HD

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by indyjones, Sep 19, 2008.

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    Hi All,

    Just thought I would start up a little thread for my HTPC. For the last ~9 months I have been happily been running a Vista media centre and it has been doing the job nicely. I have recently got myself a very nice picture frame 40" 1080P LCD tv, and I now want to get my htpc fully up to spec.
    I will also be building a low powered htpc for basically extender duties as it will cost me less than a stand alone extender with built in dvd (and the xbox 360 is a wee bit noisy) plus having wider video playback support will be nice.

    Hardware wise it’s a bit of a mixed bag:


    Case: Zalman HD160 Plus
    Ram: 2 Gig
    GFX Card – Ati 2600XT
    7.1 speakers

    Not Sure

    Processor – might get changed current E6550

    Going to get

    Sound Card – ASUS HDAV1.3
    Optical Drive – Most likely the LG HD DVD/ Bluray combo
    Keyboard and mouse – Now its running at a nice screen res I fancy the new Logitech handheld keyboard thingy
    Motherboard – Currently running a micro atx board and will need a bigger one for the new sound card – the gigabyte p43/p45 look nice

    Any other suggestions? Was thinking about getting the black gold dual S2 tuner card so I can get BBC/ITV HD but may wait on that as I need a to fit a satellite dish
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    anydvd hd :)
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    Defiantly :)
    the Asus sound card comes with a full version of ArcSoft TotalMedia™ Theatre too which is nice helps offset the crazy £220 price of the sound card!