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  1. Captmatrix

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    This should be an easy fix...

    Im building a webpage... Im using text as a link to another site.

    Now my question is that I am using the "home" text as a button. When I make the link active it changes color. Does anyone know how to prevent this form occuring? I don't want it to change color at all (before or after link is clicked)... for anyone who views the page. I know I could make the "home" a jpg. and use the image as a link but I was hoping to get around it.

  2. Static 99

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    Put this in the body tag: <body link="blue" vlink="blue" alink="blue">

    The only problem is, that it effects all links on the page.
  3. Captmatrix

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    hmmm.... it works... Thanks!

    Question though... why "blue"...? Why doesn't that code turn the link blue...?
  4. Static 99

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    I'm not sure why it doesn't work.
    Try this instead #0000FF (hex code for blue)

    Here's a nice online (web save) color picker incase you would like another color:
  5. Captmatrix

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    :D Thanks!