HP Pavillion dv6700 power problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by slo_hand2, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. slo_hand2

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    Ok HP Pavillion dv6700 Laptop.

    up until a few days ago np, but now won't power up

    Attach power cord and it shows on the front that it is attached and receiving power (blue Light).
    When you push the "on" button the "on" light and another light to the right of the power light come on but the unit does not power up and when you release the on button all three lights go off for a few seconds then the power light returns. if you continue to hold down the power button the 2 outer lights will continue to blink on and off as well as all the lights across the top of the keyboard.

    Cd/dvd drawer will not open except with a paperclip, but when a disc is inserted the disc does spin but won't read because no power elsewhere.

    Power is rated to 18.5 volts which is what the power pack is putting out (tested with mulitmeter).

    Just using the battery same results.

    Sons laptop he said he had read where there was a problem with motherboards on the laptop series. But not sure this is the problem any thoughts on motherboard causing not to power up?

    I read where there was a problem with the power cord connection but does not seem to be that. Loose connection

    Any thought would be appreciated.
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    Had a HP with the same problem. Sent back to HP and they replaced the mainboard.
  3. slo_hand2

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    Out of Warranty and HP wants loads to repair, if necessary I will replace motherboard as I am beginning to think this is the problem.