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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Den-X, Mar 19, 2002.

  1. Den-X

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    I bought me a brand new system about 12 months ago (not so new now) and along with it I purchased a HP Office Jet T Series Fax..it is a All-In-One thing with printer, fax, scanner...and for most of them 12 months I had it running on Windows ME and a few months ago I installed Windows XP Professional and got the XP drivers for it and now it don't wanna work so, I try night after night sweet talking it and now I am getting tired of it becuz, my step dad is threatening to go back to Windows ME and I am sitting here like "Noooooo!!!!!!!" :confused: So, yeah....
    If anyone can help it would be great.

    Thanks, In Advance!

  2. loppdawg69

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    have you checked back for newer drivers on HP's site...also does XP even recognize it..like say "found new hardware" and it just wont install , or did you just install the software that you downloaded?
  3. Den-X

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    I have been to the HP website and looked at the driver page and I tried the drivers there for XP it says that when they are installed it will come up that they are not signed and then that u just go to continue anyways so I did it and for some reason it still aint working....and yeah it says it is installed too.

  4. loppdawg69

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    is it connected through printer port...usb...or have an ethernet connection?
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    I have an office jet 500 and spent a day trying to load the updated drivers.......also spent 25 dollars to let hp figure it out.........got my 25 dollars back and bought an epson......I could get the printer to work using the xp drivers but the fax and scanner were useless.......now it is a stand alone fax and copier and I bought an epson photo printer......I had gone through 3 people at the hp hepl #. What a joke! I have yet to see anyone get an office jet all in one machine to work right in xp!