HP CD-Writer 9710i (Burner Problem)

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by dep03, Jun 13, 2002.

  1. dep03

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    Hey guys, I've had this HP CD-Writer 9710i for around a whole year now. Its 16x10x40. I'm not sure which colors of the LED are good. Green or Orange. I'm thinking Green because when that light shows up (which is rare), I am able to use any program to burn stuff. Almost always, the LED is orange. This shows busy? Becuase, when I use Nero, I click burn and it'll say "bad CD" or "drive not ready". There is an empty CD in there always and I've tried different CD-R everytime i get that error. Also, I am not doing anything with the burner drive.

    This problem baffles me. Can anyone help or give any suggestions? :confused:
  2. -[xs]-mirage

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    ASPI or Firm

    Ya man check your ASPI Layers. They can be downloaded at just about anywhere. You might want to re-format or even re-firmware.
    Ya just a thought.
  3. dep03

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    yes i have the latest ASPI drivers.
    and yes i have reformatted. in fact, i reformatted twice.

    well the 2 programs that work for me are Nero and CDRWin. remember this is like a 1 out of 100 chance that my attempt to burn a cd will work. the trouble is keeping the green LED light on. it switches back to orange for some reason...

    could it be some software problem? when you insert any CD in the burner, it autoplays right? even blank cds autoplay, in XP, they ask you what you want to do with it right? when i insert a blank cd in my burner, it does nothing. maybe something is wrong with that?
  4. dep03

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    IRQ error? how would i fix that?

    btw, whats wrong with memorex CD-R? i actually do have a pack of those.
  5. dep03

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    i also use some generic brands like
    "value disc" and "pengo". i used a lot of those CDs before my burner got weird. i also used memorex (white top) before. they didnt seem to do anything wrong though.
  6. AmarSingh

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    actually memorex cd-r's are supposed to be OK. ive found that the new maxell are terrible. can never go wrong with TDK and verbatim though (a little more pricey).
  7. dep03

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    argh even TDK don't even work with my burner anymore. is it just me or are other HP-CD-Writer-Users having the same problems as me?
  8. Henyman

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    i got a hp c.d writer + i use maxell cdr's wid no problem:D