How To Uncap Your Cable

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by narwing, Mar 25, 2002.

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    You can now succesfully uncap your cable service.

    Even though on many sites(, said that this was impossible because the cap is given by the server and not found on the modem.They were proven wrong in one point it is POSSIBLE.I for one , are an example i have succesufly been uncapped took me 20 minutes.

    Visit this site for instructions; (even though it says surf board modems, it has been succefully been used for shark fin modems and more, i think UK cable modems are not uncapable yet , but they are working on cracking the md5 encryption)

    Also for live help You can visit thier IRC chat room @


    Channel: #Surfboard

    And good luck for all of you UNCAPPERS out there :p ....Remember patience is needed but it can be done !!!
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    Looks interesting. Might try that when I get more time. Thanks :cool:
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    Read my reply to this in the other thread under networking

    if you uncap your modem your account will be terminated. ask any provider.