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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Tree4, Jan 2, 2002.

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    I am having trouble installing software and letting other users access it on my XP Home.
    For example, I installed Microsoft Money 2001 as 'AdminUser1' but Adminuser2 cannot run it .. it does not asppear in the list of installed software and even if the use explorere to excute the .exe .. nothing happens.

    Any ideas .. I tried the help but it talks about group policy editor and the hypertext link tries to open MMc which is not installed.
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    Open Windows Explorer, go to the folder Documents and Settings> AdminUser1> Start Menu. In there find the shortcut to the program and copy it over to the same location in AdminUser2's account. You can then click on the programs shortcut while logged on as AdminUser2 to launch the program. The program may need to go through the registration process or ask for a serial number, or may even want to be installed all over again, but it's a step in the direction you're looking for.
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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I bit the bullet and paid 60p/min for tech support from my supplier .. What a waste of money. In the end he said that I should re-install the same software for every user that needs access to it. This must be a limitation of XP home as XP Pro has the MMC with Group Policy snap-in allowing access to the configure the installer.
    Just imagine having to install 10 different software packages for the family of 5 users (flipping some of them between Admin and limited users and back again), making sure any existing datafiles are not overwritten?