How to return Registered file types back to default...

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Kuja, Mar 2, 2002.

  1. Kuja

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    the one im interested in is...

    Extensions File Types
    (NONE) File Folder

    I screwed it up while aplying a new icon to it. It f'ed up, and defaulted to "Open Command Prompt Here". So I went back, and tried to change it back to "open", but there wasnt a open variable. So i made one myself, named it open, and pointed it towards explorer.exe with the "%1" at the end, so it opens it. Problem is, it keeps making new windows, instead of using the same one. Mhm.... if anyone can help me on this, i'd be really grateful.... Thx in advance.....

    Using XP PRO.

    PS. I already tried the option under Folder Options "Use same window". Didnt work.... :(
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    Well, one idea is to find someone whose computer has the proper file association for folders and export the registry branch. Then you can save it to a floppy and import it into your registry.

    I am at work on a win2k box right now, but XP's hive structure shouldn't be too much different.

    Run regedit.
    Navigate to the following branch:

    My Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\

    Just look for the "folder" branch. You might want to back up that branch before you import the new one just in case :)
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    mhm... thx.. buts its File Folder, not Folder. Do you know what the reg key for that is? Thx in advance....
  4. Kuja

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    YES!!!!!!!!!!! its CALLED DIRECTORY!!!!!!!!!!! YAHahhha...... thx so much for the idea!!!!!!!! :)