how to repair or re-install ie

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by densma, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. densma

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    i need some help. my ie is not functional anymore. if i go to hotmail will display that i'm not using ie, broswer limitation. i can't attach a file b/c there's no attachement on hotmail. so many site shows that i'm not using ie or i should upgrade to ie 4 up. trying to upgrade get a msg that i already have newer version installed. doesn't work either..shows that it's only for window or ie users:)

    how can i fix back i'm ie without re-installin xp
  2. westy1

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    Have you tried system restore, going back to a date when everything was working OK.
  3. Perris Calderon

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    To Reinstall IE6:

    1) Insert the Win XP CD

    2) Open Start / Run and type:
    rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 c:\windows\inf\ie.inf

    Press ENTER
  4. densma

    densma Guest

    still doesn't work.. thks anyway. any other options?
  5. densma

    densma Guest

    if i go to window updates i get this msg

    Thank you for your interest in Windows Update

    Windows Update is the online extension of Windows that helps you get the most out of your computer.

    You must be running a Microsoft Windows operating system in order to use Windows Update.

    doesn't recongnise that i'm using xp and ie 6
  6. allan

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    Have you done any tweaking lately?

    If not, you can try a reinstallation with the repair option (this will just over-write your files and make sure everything that's supposed to be there is there). Boot to your xp CD and select the SECOND repair option (not the first).
  7. densma

    densma Guest

    i thought about that repair. will do it in few mins
  8. densma

    densma Guest

    how can i re-install with repair option
    thw only 2 option i have is upgrade and new installation. did u mean upgrade?
  9. allan

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    Just begin an installation and soon after the preliminaries XP will notice you have a version already installed. It will give you the option to repair. Do not take the first repair option, but do take the second.
  10. densma

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    second option is new installation (advanced)
    is that the one to choose?
  11. Toybear

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    Your answer...

    I don't know what to tell you myself. But I can give you a site with all the answers.

    Go there. They tell you how to do many things such as what your looking for.
  12. PJC

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    are you using Naviscope or webwasher or some other program that can "Hide" the identity of the browser that you are using ?
    Doing this gives the same error on the windows update page and presumably any webpage that insists you use IE6
  13. allan

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    Choose full install on the first screen when you start XP setup. At some point setup will detect a previous version. If you press R at this point (this should be the second time you are given the option), the repair is automated. The first time you are given the choice is for the Recovery Console, which is a DOS command line.
  14. densma

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    i'm happy i didn't try xp installation yet. everything is workin ok. i installed Macromedia Flash Player,Shockwave Player
    and others Players and everthing is fine. i'm not sure if that was the issue but that's wht i noticed to reslove it
    thks guys:D :D :D
  15. densma

    densma Guest


    webwasher was the problem. i had un-installed it but didn't restart ma pc. i just installed it back.. and the same thang. un-install it everthing work.. wasn't flash plugins..
    just wanna let ya' all know