How to Recover Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 Password [GUIDE]

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    Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you forgot your Windows password or lost it? Don't worry, you can still recover your password. There are many methods to do this but I found a simple free solution when I tried recovering my Windows XP computer.

    Firstly you will need to download software onto your Floppy Drive or burn it onto a CD (Whichever is more convenient for you)

    1. Go to and download the Login Recovery software. On the main page you will see a download link for floppy disks, but if you don't have a floppy drive you can also download the CD version from here (

    2. Insert your floppy or your CD into your PC and start your PC.

    3. If you used a CD, you will see an encrypted form of the password on your screen. It will look something like this:
    "Administrator:500:0,CC,5E,9A,CB,AD,1B,25,C9,AA,D3,B4,35,B5,14,04,EE:_99,6E,67,60,CD,DD,88,15,A2,C2,4A,11,0C,F0,40,FB,087CA:::". Copy this down on a piece of paper. If you used a floppy disk then this will automatically be saved to your floppy disk.

    4. Now remove your CD or floppy and go on a computer with Internet access. Once you're online go to (

    5. If you used a floppy disk go to A:\UPLOAD.TXT and click Browse on LoginRecovery page, select the UPLOAD.TXT file and upload it. Also input your e-mail address and click submit.
    If you used a CD then scroll down on the LoginRecovery page and input your encrypted password that you wrote in step 3. Enter in your e-mail and click submit.

    6. You can either get your passwords instantly by paying a $29.31 fee or you can wait 72 hours and have the password e-mailed to you for free.

    This was the most quickest and straight-forward way I found to recover a Windows password. If you have any other method you found that is completely free and quicker please share it here.
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    Tested login recovery - email came back from them saying they could not decrypt the password.

    What I do is:

    If administrator account - Boot from BartPE CD and, after some registry manipulation, use a password recovery tool to reset the password.

    User accounts - boot into safe mode command prompt then type

    net users username 123

    this resets usernames password to 123

    I know others but can not discuss them here.
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    Thanks for sharing this method here! I'll definitely give this a go next time I have to recover a password (if that ever happens :D).